About Us

About Us
Rain-Net Group LLC, also known as RNG, is professional consultancy firm specializing in Business Management Consultant, Leadership Development, and Recruiting Marketing Professionals. RNG has become one of the most respected business management consulting firms. RNG was launched in 2008 and has been offering Tax, Business, Marketing and Financial consultancy services for individuals and small businesses in North America and globally. We work with organizations from small businesses to large corporation who are ready to build and improve their businesses, empower their leaders to the next level and improve their profitability.

What separates Rain-Net Group LLC from other Consulting Firms
Rain-Net Group LLC is a nationwide consultancy firm providing Business Management Consultancy by conducting organizational development, management training and recruiting marketing experts globally. RNG works with top management at leading organizations in tackling their most difficult and unique organizational development challenges. RNG’s consultants also design and structure appropriate consulting or management training addressing those specific needs at each level of the organization. We offer services from as basic as introducing management tools and techniques to new managers to as complex as assisting a company’s transition from making losses into a profit making.

RNG works with small business organizations at all levels, to develop better leaders that can result in creating greater impact and building a talent channel for future businesses. We have trusted advisors to companies around the world seeking to build exceptional leadership capability throughout their organizations. We take great pride in executing practical, efficient strategic talent management programs that are tailored to each organization’s unique needs. We also specialize in using modern learning approach to educate, train and coach leaders to use their natural talents to quicken their personal and professional development. We focus on creating excellent leaders by training them how to set the bar high for participants, create the most valuable outcomes and developing the skills needed for your specific challenges. We also train our leaders how to develop leadership skills based on their experiences and Identifying, cultivating and capitalizing on their strengths.

We also specialize in marketing strategy and recruiting marketing professionals, matching high-performing marketers with clients who need their skills and experience to take their business to the next level. From the highest level of marketing executives to specialists in digital, creative, communications and interactive marketing, we place talent in companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes. As professionals and with our expertise, we understand marketing from a perspective that is unique to our industry and the corporate world. We have an intimate insider’s understanding of today’s marketing disciplines and functions.

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